Ship Your Car

Need to ship a vehicle? A new trend in shipping services is to use the eBay approach.

uShip Car Transport

The basic idea is to connect end users directly with truckers and shipping companies. They generally require you to post a description of your "load" (the vehicle, its location and where it needs to be delivered), then you receive bids and choose the carrier you prefer.

These are actual vehicles that people need shipped. Provided by uShip

Advantages? You can save money. Drivers can schedule multiple loads so you share costs with other customers.

The downside is you're sometimes dealing with small companies or individual truckers that may be less reliable. Services like Uship provide ratings (just like a feedback score on eBay). But always ask for references.

It makes sense to look into this option no matter whether you're relocating, buying a new car or selling a vehicle.

Curious? Give it a try. You can post your shipment and get bids on Uship for free.

Ship your Car with uShip

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